Transect 1

This virtual field trip is intended to familiarise you with the kind of tasks you will be required to do on your actual trip.
There are five zones in the diagram on the right side of the page. You can find them with your mouse. 
Click on each, and perform the following tasks. You can find out about the instruments and methods used by clicking on these sections of the navigation bar.
  • Abiotic measurements
    1. Choose each of the  measurements and record them in your data sheet. You can keep the data sheet open while you work, but you should also print it out (ctrl-p). Closing the page may result in loss of data.
    2. Alternatively, open and save this Excel Spreadsheet and record the results in it. They will be plotted automatically. Keep the spreadsheet open as you work.
  • Biotic Observations 

  • Somerville House Students:
    1. Record your observations  in the Sand Dune Report. (as for the abiotic data sheet) or in this Word document.
    2. Click on the "Submit" button when you are finished.
    Others should use the Word document.
    You should print these sheets out and record your results in them in case of computer/program failures, and transfer and submit the the results when you have done all the activities.