Using this site: for students.

In both the Sand Dunes and Rocky Shores sections there are observations of both abiotic and biotic factors to be performed in several zones of a belt transect.
Choose an area by clicking on either the Sand dune or Rocky Shores picture. 
Choose a transect by clicking on a transect rope. You will get a diagram of the transect, divided into a number of zones. 
Click on each zone, and perform the following tasks. You can find out about the instruments and methods used by clicking on these sections of the navigation bar.
  • Abiotic measurements
    1. Choose each of the  measurements and record them in your Sand Dunes or Rocky Shores data sheet. Keep the data sheet open while you work. 
    2. Transfer the results to the appropriate Excel Spreadsheet when you are finished and then submit the data sheet form. You may print the sheet out to aid with recording.
  • Biotic Observations 
    1. Record your observations  in the Sand Dune or Rocky Shores Report. (keep it open also)
    2. Click on the "Submit" button when you are finished.
    For safety, you should print these sheets out and record your results in them as well in case of computer/program failures, and transfer and submit the results when you have done all the activities.