About this unit

You can get an overview of the Earth and Beyond area of Science by looking at the concept map on the Big Picture page.
This Unit has Two Modules, the Earth and the Solar System, divided into a number of activities. You can access these sections by clicking on the links on the navigation bar at the left of the screen. The first page of each module will list and link to the activities for that module.

The Laboratory section contains shortcuts to real and virtual experiments you will need to do as part of your work.

The Games and Quizzes section contains shortcuts to the games and quizzes you will encounter as you journey through these web pages.

Key Questions

On completion of the Unit you should be able to answer and tick the following questions:
The Solar System tick The Earth tick
How big is the solar system?
How big is the sun compared to the planets?
What are orbits?
What are the other planets like?
What are moons?
What are asteroids, comets and meteors?
How did we find out what we know
about the planets?
What is inside the Earth
What is the greenhouse effect?
What is the ozone layer?
What causes day and night?
What causes the seasons?
What causes volcanoes?
How are igneous rocks formed?
What causes Earthquakes?
Print this page if you want a hard copy of the key questions.