Natural and Processed Materials



What's in a Substance?

Atoms, Molecules, Compounds and Elements

The Particle Model of Matter

Things you need to know;

  • A model is something that helps people understance complex ideas.
  • It could be a physical model, or a 'thought' model
  • The main ideas of the particle model are:
    • All matter is made up of very small particles
    • The particles are held together by bonds of varying strength
    • These particles are always moving
    • The particle movement speeds up as temperature increases and slows down as it decreases
  • The particle model helps us understand the following
    • Diffusion
    • Changes of state
    • Expansion and contraction
    • The behaviour of water
    • Pressure
    • Bouyancy

Resources that will help you

Digging deeper


Hands On Lab

  • Exp. 4 Investigating Diffusion
  • Exp. 5 Expansion & contraction
  • Exp. 6 Cohesive Properties of Water

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