Natural and Processed Materials



What's in a Substance?

Atoms, Molecules, Compounds and Elements

Chemical Reactions

Elements and the Periodic Table

Things you need to know;

  • There are about 112 different kinds of atoms known, 92 occur naturally, the others are made by scientists
  • These different kinds of atoms are called elements.
  • The thing that tells you which element you have is the number of protons in the nucleus. This number is called the atomic number of an element.
  • All the atoms of one element have the same number of protons and electrons though they can have different numbers of neutrons
  • The elements are arranged in a special table called the Periodic Table originally devised by Dimitri Mendeleev

Resources that will help you

Tasks you need to complete (if not already done)

  • Catch up up writing up any unfinished experiments and
    • The Homework Activities &
    • The Journal









Updated October 14, 2011


Hands On Lab

Virtual Lab


  • Digging Deeper Elements quiz (Use one of the online Periodic Tables to help you)